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Kit Bags Item ID: #737

New 1 Gallon 5 Bag Herbal Extractor Bubble Ice Bags KIT

Product Information:

  • Long Lasting High Quality Nylon Material
  • Built in Cord for Easy Binding the Bag After Being Extracted
  • Corresponding Color Micron Bags are Labeled for Proper Order
  • Different Sized Bags for Filtering Different Grades of Herbal Resins
  • Bags Quantity : 5

Item Description

Life Needs Quintessence, Life Needs Extraction!!!

Extraction Bags,Try or regret?

Not long before, you have to buy products containing so called herbal essence in the market, but now, you can have all you want in 100% percents by yourself.

The way is extraction bag!

This item comes with five 1-gallon screen bags, of best quality, sweet package, charming and durable; each of them has a specific label of screen size from 25 micron to 220 micron. Each color stands for a unique screen size.

You could use the plant extracts into cooking, perfumes, shampoos and soaps, beverages, and aromatherapy.


Total : (5) 1 Gallon Filtration Bags :

Purple = 25 Micron

Yellow = 73 Micron

Green = 120 Micron

Red = 160 Micron

Blue = 220 Micron

Right procedures :

Please note that this is a time taking job, and a lot of ice needed, so comprehensive preparation for it will be necessary. Remove the excess moisture and clean the bucket before another extraction.

1.Line your extraction bags into the bucket, the 25 micron bag the first and the 220 micron bag the last.

2.Fill the bucket about halfway full with enough cold water to cover the bottom of the Bubble Bags.

3.Add your dry or frozen plant trimmings. Fill your bucket almost to the top with enough ice.

4.Stir the mix for 15 to 30 minutes, adding ice if necessary. Leave it for 30 minutes and let the Extraction Bags work.

5.Pull out your Extraction Bags one by one, draining them into the bucket, turn it inside out to collect your herbal extract.

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